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Apple has a new deal for US customers who haven’t signed up for iCloud yet. 9to5Macspotted a Reddit thread that pointed to the deal: new subscribers on the four big US carriers can get 200GB free for two months.

The deal appears to be only be available in the US for customers who haven’t signed up for the service yet. As to be expected, there’s some fine print: those customers will be charged $2.99 a month after that two month window.


As we noted back in May, it’s certainly an obvious ploy on Apple’s part to get customers signed up for its services, and it’s a bit irritating, especially if you’ve already plunked down hundreds of dollars for a new device. Plus, Apple already offers 5GB for free for users, and it introduced a free month at the 50GB, 200GB and 2TB levels to new subscribers earlier this year.

But while this isn’t a huge advance over those other deals, having that extra month could be that extra bit of enticement that you might need, especially if iCloud is something that you’ve been eyeing.

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