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Traveling is good for health, since it relieves the stresses of everyday life, and helps to relax. Adventure
traveling can be just as good for our personal well-being. Not only does it provide us with new experiences,
it can make one feel better, both inside and out.
There’s something special about embarking on an adventure into the unknown and really experiencing
the world. let’s call it essential “soul food”. Whether it’s a trek into the mountains, a cycle along rural back
roads, a mountain bike challenge over rugged mountains or a climbing expedition to a majestic peak.

Adventure travel liberates the soul and benefits our physical, mental and emotional state.With mounting
scientific evidence that active travel adventures are really good for you, it’s no surprise that adventure
travel is on an upward trend. Today’s travelers are increasingly seeking meaningful experiences which
not only allow them to explore the world, but also to improve their quality of life and overall sense
of well-being.

The physical rewards of active travel are relatively obvious. But these adventurous activities also offer an
array of benefits for your mental and emotional health as well. They typically leave you feeling refreshed
and recharged, and have emerged as a legitimate therapy for stress.

Adventure travel pushes you outside of your comfort zone. It puts you in unfamiliar situations and challenges
you to test your mettle. In the last millenia, the typical adventure traveler was a young gap year kid bungee
jumping off cliff. In those days, adventure travel often meant risky. Not anymore. Today’s adventure traveller
is often over fifty, super busy with a high stress job, has more disposable income, and when vacationing,
instead of seeking risk, instead seeks meaningful and life changing experiences, and finds that adventure
travel delivers.so create #TheBlindList

So instead of bungee jumping, today adventure travel means climbing Macchu Picchu, hiking between medieval
villages along the West Highland Way in Scotland or rafting the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.
Perhaps its biking the gentle path alongside the Danube river from Vienna to Budapest.

Today, adventure travel combines physical exertion with mixing with the locals and fellow global adventure
travelers. You savor unique foods and customs so very different from home. You come home changed and
recharged and ready to start planning your next epic adventure –  adventure travel is addicting.
Finally, something it’s ok to get addicted to!

Adventure travel vacations allow you to see your small part in a much larger world and often alters your
perspective. You see that other cultures do things differently and their way may be good, too, just different.
Adventure travel attracts people from all walks of life so you meet people you might not ordinarily encounter
at home, with opinions and experiences vastly different from your own, and may see that their ways are valid
as well.  You return home from an adventure travel trip slightly altered from the start:
a new and improved YOU!

If you’re looking for an excuse to pack your bags and get moving, here are Sixteen awesome benefits
of active  adventures travel: #SayYesToTheWorld

1. Spending time outdoors reduces stress!

There’s a reason why there’s a smile on everyone’s face after they’ve come back from an active adventure –
because they’re happier for it! All the stresses of life just melt away as you embark amongst some of the
most stunning scenery in the world. research suggests that nature walks can reduce stress, as well as boost
levels of attention!

2. Helps You to Feel Gratitude and Improve Mindfulness

Active travel adventures often equals SLOW travel. You have time to really SEE and study your surroundings.
You mind finally has a chance to quiet down. Adventure travel can be a form of active meditation throughout
much of the day. Your heart can burst with the joy of simply being alive. As active travel often can mean
roughing it, you learn to appreciate all the little things you take for granted at home (hot water, toilets,
hot meals on demand, etc). Plus, you feel pride in your body being able to perform!

3. You’ll Stay Fit
Taking a vacation that includes extreme outdoor activities such as mountain biking, rock climbing,
or kayaking can drastically upgrade your health. But even exerting yourself by doing something as simple
as taking a run on a trail will improve your cardiovascular system and balance. Running in a natural
environment also works muscle groups that are neglected when you run on the treadmill at the hotel gym.

4. Enables you to See Inaccessible Landscapes

You often get to see landscapes you couldn’t see unless your body can motor you there: many of the planet’s
awe-inspiring landscapes don’t have a road to them, so it’s up to you and your body to get there. And because
most people are unable or unwilling to challenge themselves, once you’ve arrived, you rarely fight any crowds.

5. Learn New Things

Whether learning new skills to actually DO the adventure, like backpacking, or learning about new cultures
or history, adventure travel broadens your mind. Unlike boring history textbooks, when you get to actually
SEE where history took place and meet people directly affected by it, history now becomes personal to you
so now you’re interested in learning more about the people, culture and history where your adventure travel
takes you. Not to mention that adventure travel makes learning FUN! Adventure travel both satisfies and
encourages your curiosity.  List continues below.

6. More Meaningful Travel

Compared to sit on the beach with a fruity drink or even the large group packaged bus tours where you zoom
from one stop to the next to snap a photo, with adventure travel you mix with the locals and engage with
the culture of the place you are visiting. Plus, you disburse your spending across villages with the local
merchants which better helps the local economy. Because of your interactions with the locals, you return
home with a better understanding of the culture which expands your world view.

7. You Get to Relive Your Adventures

Like all travel, adventure travel lets you enjoy your trip before, during and afterwards. Unlike the stuff we buy
that is meaningless a short time later, you get to relish your travels forever. Initially you get the thrill when
you first discover and/or dream about an adventure. Then you get the fun of figuring out how and when
you’re going to do it. Next you have the anticipation and excitement leading up to your adventure.
And then –YAY!- you get the joy and sense of accomplishment from actually doing the adventure.
And finally, for years to come whether telling your stories or looking at your photos, you get to relive
your adventure over and over again.

8. Travel increases your self-awareness!

A bi-product of travel is raising your self-awareness – and it’s one of the most beneficial parts of taking on an
adventurous trip overseas. Adventure travel brings you closer to your “inner self”, giving you the chance to
examine and challenge yourself in ways you didn’t think were possible. Stepping into the unknown and taking
a risk demands our increased attention and can bring an intense state of self awareness – one of the reasons
that people such as mountain climbers engage in adventure activities. These adventurers often return home
with a more relaxed mind and increased self confidence – yet another reason to pack your bags and head
for the Himalaya’s Annapurna region for a stunning trek with plenty of time for self reflection!

9. You Meet Cool People and Bond Quickly

When you meet people on the trail or in your group, you are self-selected as kindred spirits on the same
adventure, so bonding is super quick. Conversations are deeper, quicker. Lifetime friendships are often formed.
As popular as adventure travel is, most people still don’t or can’t do it, so you end up formng a bit of a ‘club'.

10. Gives You Great Stories to Tell

You won’t run out of exciting and interesting stories to tell, both at home and with your fellow travelers.
We humans have always made connections and formed friendships via storytelling, and your stories are
going to be super cool. You’re friends and colleagues will be amazed.

11. You Return Home Healthier & Energized

Have you ever returned home from a vacation exhausted? Unlike traditional vacations, adventure travel
makes your stronger physically and mentally. You are unlikely to have put on five pounds – unless it’s
muscle! Also, by exercising much of the day on your trip, your metabolism and energy levels explode!
When you do adventure travel, you won’t need a vacation from your vacation.

12. A Unique Experience

Most people still do the traditional packaged type tours, so you stand out from the pack when you become
an adventure traveler. At the water cooler, which colleague’s vacation will you remember, the one who
sipped rum drinks on the beach in the Bahamas, or the one who hiked the epic Tour du Mont Blanc through
France, Switzerland and Italy for twelve days? Which colleague will you ask the most questions and care
about the answers?

13. Adventure Travel is Fun!

You get to feel like a kid again whether you are scrambling up a boulder in Patagonia or bouncing through
Australia's Tully River rapids on a raft. They’re back: those carefree days of youth are back! Go ahead,
stomp in the puddles! Just like the old days, all you have to do is be home by dinner – except this time
‘home’ could be a mountain hut in Sweden as you hike the Kungsleden trail.

14. Travel can save the world!

By seeking out a specific place to hike or by scaling a particularly gorgeous peak, planning an adventurous
vacation can encourage the protection of ecosystems. According to a consulting firm’s study, once-neglected
natural resources can become protected environments if they are recognized as having tourist-related benefits.

15. Going on adventures raises your tolerance for uncertainty.
Placing yourself in situations where things don’t always go as planned—such as on an adventure trip—helps
you learn to cope with the uncertainties in life. And there is no shortage of those.

16. You’ll Live Longer

Recent research says  that going on vacation and doing vigorous outdoor activities while there may help
extend one's life. They found that vacations actually reduced the risk of untimely death and heart disease
in a group of at-risk middle-aged men.
There are no age limits on adventure. Anyone can make nature a playground. Adventure travel is an
activity you can stick with for life.
As we enter the new year, let’s all build up our adventure mojo so we, too, can enjoy quality of life!   
If you haven’t yet dipped your toes into adventure travel, take the first step and pick a place to go.  
I’d suggest starting with a guided tour that matches your physical level and interests so you’ll have a
guide and supportive group with you to encourage you along the way.
#SayYesToTheWorld and the magic of #TheBlindList is sure to take my heart away!
This post is participating in #TheBlindList contest being hosted by Lufthansa India

I want to challenge each of you, no matter what your adventure travel level is, to do a +1 outside of your
comfort level.  For some, this will mean their first long weekend of adventure, others their first adventure
trip outside the country or with a different language, others it may mean experimenting with solo travel,
and still others leaping to self-guided travel.  Whatever your comfort level is, just take things up one notch…
not a big leap, just a notch. This is how you build your confidence and get that sense of accomplishment
and euphoria when you rise to the occasion. YOU CAN DO THIS!
So folks don't wait Let's make a bucket list and blind list #SayYesToTheWorld as i given below mine
and always be amazed and let's explore the unknown enthusiastically.

My Bucket List & TheBlindList  

1.Watch the Sunrise & Sunset in one Day - Accomplished on 9-1-2007 (Kanyakumari)
2.Explore a Cave - Explored on 21 -7-2015 (Elephanta caves Mumbai)
3.Watch a Caterpillar Turn into a Butterfly - tree near my house accomplished after 3 days
focus on 13 -3-2008
4.Feed a Crocodile - Feeded on a zoo at Chennai 27-4-2005
5.Climb to the Top of a Tree - done on a beach tree at Rameshwaram kushi beach (16-7-2011)
6.Horse riding - Achieved at a national park in Kerala (19-8-2003)
7.Bathe an Elephant - Achieved at a national park in Kerala (19-8-2003)
8.Hug a Redwood - Hugged at a forest in Karnataka (28-5-2016)
9.Milk a Cow - done on Kanyakumari (3-9-2017)
10.Name a Star - Named a collinear star 3 stars in a parallel line named #ChellaKutty on (7-7-2001)
11.Witness a Solar Eclipse - accomplished on (1-15-2010 )
12.Ride in a Horse & Carriage - accomplished at Mumbai on 17-6-2018
13.Swim in the Ocean - Accomplished Chennai Marina beach on 23-5-2015
14.Surprise Someone - Surprised my friend for an unplanned Long drive Trip to Lonavla 4-6-2013
15.Fly a Kite - Accomplished on 28-5-2008
16.Spin a Basketball on my Finger - First accomplished on 15-2-2009
17.Drive a Tractor in farm land - Accomplished on 18-8-2016
18.Visit my State Capitol - Accomplished on 23- 9-2017
19.Visit Red Fort- Accomplished on 23- 9-2017
20.Visit Taj Mahal - Accomplished on 24- 9-2017
21.Go on a Spontaneous Road Trip - Accomplished on 19- 5 - 2018 to 21 - 5- 2018
(Bike ride Mumbai to Bangalore )
22.Ride on a Subway - accomplished on 11-3-2009
23.Climb to the Top of a Lighthouse - accomplished at Chennai on 17-7-2008
24.Ride Bikes on the Beach - accomplished at Chennai marina beach on 11-3-2013
25.Sail a Boat - Accomplished at Azhapuzha Kerala on 5- 9-2016


Ride a Zip Line Ride
Catch a Wave Surfing
Sail a Boat
Swim in the Ocean
Stand Under a Waterfall
Explore a RainForest
Fly In First Class
Sleep in a Treehouse
Sleep in an Ice Hotel
Touch a Pyramid
See the Northern Lights
Walk on a Glass Beach
See the Biggest Trees on Earth
See Niagara Falls
Step Foot on Antarctica
Fly in a Helicopter
Walk the Great Wall of China
Climb Mount Everest
Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
Climb Mount Fuji
Stroll Through Sagano Bamboo Forest
Float in the Dead Sea
Eat in the Underwater Hotel
See the Sky Gardens

I wish all of you a happy, healthy and adventurous Travel era!  

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