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From My childhood itself i used to meditate at least once in a week throughout my journey.
On 17-5-2011 10 pm after a deep meditation i gone to bed then what happend is mesmerising .
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After hours latter i felt too light within me and i checked what happened to me then i found
my body lying in my bed Ohsh i start confusing because of the contradiction of body am i
alive or dead  then i realised this might due to meditation i saw upward the sky seems
beautiful then i left my body in my bed and started my journey obvious like a superman .

The travell is as fast as light .first i moved vertically during my journey i looked back then i
astonished with the beauty of earth and ocean then i made a U turn and traveled towards
pacific ocean speed is over speed i made a sudden break i landed just before a large tide
its mesmerising then the wave just made me a hit i slightly scared but nothing happened
as i feared #TheBlindList.

then i was confident and curious to explore the underwaterworld then i just enter in its
amazing i just played with few fish and some creature unfortunately i found a large fish
might be a blue whale or something like that .i think it's too hungry it just opens its
large mouth huge amount of water with small fish including me enter inside its mouth
unfortunately i couldn't come back as it closes its window.but thanks i didn't feel any
drowning effect or something like that .

I ask for help then i just realised  nobody could hear my voice.as i got some confined space i
just started meditation again i gone to a deep sleep . after some times later i was floating
and my body was lying inside a fish and again i saw upward i found the sky was astonishing
this time i was confident to not look back . journey continues ..

Again i stated moving vertically and i feel little bit heavy maybe i was entering stratosphere
#TheBlindList still i move forward and after few seconds i turn back a saw the entire vivid
beauty of our earth and  saw a spacecraft / satellite just moving above me then i started
chasing it and overtake it and just revolved earth in a couple of minutes .

Its vivid then i just saw the small sphere (moon) hiding behind earth then just started
exploring it i run like a pro its jerky but its unique no pollution no noise too quiet its entirely
different feel .

from there i saw the earth it seems too big from there than moon from earth
and just behind me i saw a very big sphere i think its jupiter .#TheBlindList

After that i just travelled towards jupiter #SayYesToTheWorld as i gone nearby its
atmosphere too terrifying noise it seems like a warning sign . but still i entered inside its
atmosphere a large rock might be rock rain (like water rain) hit me and i just fell unconscious
also its large gravitational pull .

after few moments later i woke up it was a dessert a large tornado coming towards me
i just scared of the unknown scenery and just started running as it's faster than me and
it just hit me #TheBlindList i was rotating might be at a rate of 1000 rpm and it just
threw me above their atmosphere OHH i escaped. Still i planned a reentry again i heard
the heavy noise the same warning sign then i realised this time i escaped with god's grace
so let's don't make the mistake again.

So i decided to turn back and i saw the yellow light shining from long distance i was eager
to travel but i was little bit tired might be due to jupiter's gravity or tornado spin or
something else. Then i saw an large object travelling towards sun #TheBlindList

hence i decided to grb it so i travelled faster than the speed of  light and finally i
caught it and climbed at its top surface . then i start feeling too colder than ever before
and it’s outgassing i think it's a comet still i enjoyed the outstanding journey towards
SUN .#SayYesToTheWorld

To reach sun it might take more than 2 hours so i decided to sleep in that comet i found
a lgloo (snow house) i decided to sleep there when i entered in it feels me like heaven and
the temperature is ambient also found a bed like structure hence i layed there.

The alarm rang as a brought a digital wrist watch with me then i came out and i saw the
yellow light turns white and it’s too larger than i expect and too close to me i was stunning
and  completely astonished of its beauty. But suddenly my ship (comet) started shaking and
heard a noise like a huge crack forming in the surface of comet it fears me and also i was
near very close to sun suddenly the comet broken in to pieces and pulled towards sun's
huge gravity as i scared i forget that i could fly and free fall towards space.#TheBlindList

Then i feel wet in my body and i woke up then i realised that i was inside a whale's stomach
and i was dreaming oh thank god then as i saw the water entering towards whales large
window (mouth) i just run towards it as it started shutting it anyhow i escaped . then i
started swimming and reached the shore and felt within me its an awesome experience
ever before .#SayYesToTheWorld

After few moments later i heard a roar then i turn back it's a lion omg i slightly scared
but confident that i could escape as i got this power to fly . then i tried to fly but i can't
i keep trying still can't. As the lion moving towards me then i decided to have a fight with
it because i don't have any option . then i searched nearby for a sharp object unfortunately
i couldn't found any such item .

then decided to face it with my bare hand it came close to me and too noisy  i was slightly
shivering and suddenly i saw walls in front of me and i was in a bed and someone is shouting
and knocking my door .then i just opened the door it was my mom thank god . ask me what
happened the time is 8 am too lazy go get ready for the office i just laughed !!!

After 7 years still this double dream Astral projection give me a vivid feel when ever i
think of it .
I Got an opportunity to share this with you by Lufthansa India#SayYesToTheWorld campaign.

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