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A business is a business, and starting your own company is no easy feat. You want to make sure you
know exactly what you're getting into before jumping in. Entrepreneurs who have started
service-based businesses weighed in on the challenges and advantages, as well as the best practices
for getting your company off the ground.

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The service sector, also known as the tertiary sector, is the third tier in the three sector economy.
Instead of the product production, this sector delivers services like advice, experience and discussion.
Examples of service sector  include housekeeping, tours, nursing and teaching.
By contrast, individuals employed in the industrial or manufacturing sectors produce tangible
goods, such as vehicles, garments or gear.

Service business owners are the everyday heroes who make life run smoothly — think of the
people who fix your car, cut your hair, do your taxes, walk your dog, design your website,
install flooring, coach you through a major life change, photograph your wedding, and clean
your eavestroughs.
Whether it’s something indulgent or practical, service-based businesses are all about helping
people get stuff done.
And from an entrepreneurial perspective, these types of businesses usually cost less to launch
than ecommerce startups. They also make great side hustles!
This Book provide detailed business blueprints or a course on how to start a business.
It is a list of 175 Service Sector Business Ideas and a few proven strategies to make them a reality.
Pointers of what to do next once you've decided on a business option - and - where to get further
training if needed.
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Starting your own business can change your life forever. It can free you from a dull and unfulfilling
job and give you the flexibility to work at home, in an office, or shared workspace.

For any Entrepreneur to be a success, they require an entrepreneur mindset with the ability to
create business ideas and establish a long standing success in the business startup.

But starting a business is no easy task. It takes courage, energy, and determination.
Since you have shown interest, it's our responsibility to give you the tips and information required
for a successful startup.

The following steps might help your startup grow giving a fulfilling experience.

1. Hire the right people
2. Lead a team
3. Set goals and track them
4. Grow revenue
5. Raise funds
6. Design and test
7. Understand your customers

Benefits of starting a service business?

Service-based companies may be less conventional than others, but there are some major benefits
of starting one.
Low-cost startup: Developing and selling a physical product takes time, money and energy.
Even if you run an e-commerce business, you still have to deal with packaging, shipping and returns.
In a service-based business, your product is you. There are little to no startup, overhead or
production costs – all you need to do is build your reputation and get the word out.
Flexibility: In many cases, a service business is much more adaptable than a product-based business.
In addition to working whenever and wherever you want, you can easily adjust and tailor your
service to suit an individual client's needs.
Fulfillment: When you're offering your own time and skills rather than a physical product,
you are connecting with your clients and consumers on a more person level. Not only do you
profit financially from leveraging your talent, you also earn a sense of fulfillment from
helping others.

This Book provide you all the basic STEP by STEP STRATEGIES that is required for any

service business startup to thrive and grow also 175 Service Sector based Business Ideas to start.

Hope you like this book.

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