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Mission Indeed 2.0 is a first person shooter horror adventure game in which the player controls a
character. The player is the only human who need to survive from all the rest of enemies.
The player must explore the colony and the wilderness around it to discover what has happened,
while also sneaking by and engaging in combat with some of the ghosts.

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Mission Indeed 2.0 features five classes of weapons with five levels of quality and multiple unique
versions of each kind of weapon, 12 Levels, over 500 enemy characters, five kinds of enemies,
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The player in Mission Indeed can sneak up on enemies by moving while crouched, moving quickly
while the wind is blowing and masking their movement sounds, and staying behind objects and
out of the line of sight of enemies. Enemies can be killed instantly with a melee attack from behind.
The player can also engage in combat with Knife, guns, and thrown tomahawks.

Headshots deal increased damage to enemies. Most enemies run towards the player until they are
close enough to fire at the player. Other enemies attempt to engage in melee combat, sometimes
after firing a single pistol shot. On the default difficulty setting enemies can kill the player
in a few hits.
Get it on - https://www.nexzone.in/
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