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Q1. How many Point of Sale (PoS) terminals are enabled for RuPay card acceptance
across India?
Ans. As per recently published data from RBI for the month of August „2017, there are total
28,40,113PoS terminals (as on 31st July 2017) out of which,on xx RuPay card acceptance is
enabled. This constitutes to more than XX% PoS terminals installed in India.

Q2. How many banks are enabled for RuPay card acceptance in India?
Ans. XXPoS acquiring Banks out of a total XX such Banks are already enabled for RuPay card
acceptance. Remaining 2 PoS acquiring Bank/entities namely Citibank and Global Payments
(earlier HSBC) are in the process of being RuPay enabled.

Q3. How many acquiring banks are certified for Cash@PoS services as per RBI guidelines
for withdrawal of up to INR 2000 through merchants using PoS terminals?
Ans. From certification point of view, all acquiring banks are certified for RuPayCash@PoS
services as per RBI guidelines. While many of the major public sector and private sector banks have implemented Cash@PoS services for their customers, some banks are still in process of seeking their nternal approvals for activating the service.

Q4. What is ON-US transaction?
Ans. An intra-bank (ON-US) transaction is where the cardholder is of the same Bank of which the merchant belongs. This way using same bank PoS transaction are initiated and later the same Bank authorizes the transaction upon cardholder validations.

Q5. What is OFF-US transaction?
Ans. An inter-bank (ON-US) transaction is where the cardholder is of different Banks than the merchant‟s Bank. In this case, inter-bank funds settlement is done using NPCI‟s clearing & settlement systems.

Q6. Who is an acquirer Bank?
Ans. The Bank which has acquired the transaction or the Bank whose Point of Sale (PoS)
terminal has been used is the acquirer Bank.

Q7. Who is an issuer Bank?
Ans. Issuer is the Bank in which the cardholder has his/her account and holds RuPay card
issued by the Bank.

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